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The European Commission launched OpenAIRE in 2010 as both an online portal (infrastructure) and a network of helpdesks and experts  (34 National Open Access Desk (NOADs). Its original objective was to support the implementation of the European open access policies: the ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access (2007) and the Open Access (OA) pilot in FP7. It particularly helped scientists to comply with these policies in organizing  a “ network of open repositories providing free online access to knowledge produced by scientists receiving grants”.

The initiative was continually funded as via FP7 and then Horizon 2020
projects. Its missions and networks have been expanded with each new project. Here
are a few examples of OpenAIRE’s role :

  • OpenAIRE created the repository Zenodo ( as a “Catch-all” data repository service for EU researchers in 2013.
  • OpenAIRE is also a tool that allows linking a result or publication to a specific EC funded project via the EC Participant Portal and the network of repositories, both of which are compliant with OpenAIRE.
  • The network of national Openaire Experts supports Open Science policy development at national level.
  • OpenAIRE is now contributing to the creation of the European Science Cloud (EOSC).


How can this project help me?

Here we quote directly from OpenAIRE’s FAQs

If you are a researcher, we can help you:

  • find all the publications and data
    of your project
  • disseminate your research outputs
  • comply with EC and national funders’
    Open Access policies for publications and data

If you are a project manager, we can help you:

  • collect all of your projects’
    outputs in one place
  • comply with EC and national funders’
    Open Access policies for publications and data

If you are a repository manager, we can help you:

  • streamline the interoperability
    between your repository and the EC’s reporting tool for publications
  • increase your visibility

If you are a financer we can help you:

  • keep track of all research output
    funded by your funding stream
  • keep track of the availability in
    Open Access research output stemming from your funding stream
  • gain greater insight into your
    funding impact through tailor made statistics

How can I use OpenAIRE and what are its benefits?

The site is a wealth of information on open science at European and national levels. It also provides webinars and factsheets. For specific questions you can contact the central helpdesk or your national helpdesk.

Country of origin: Europe
Institution: European Commission
Target group: Researchers, research project managers, and funders, repository managers

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Friday, May 1, 2020

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